Thursday, March 31, 2011

India Reaches ICC Cricket World Cup Finals In Style!

We WWWOOONNN,we WWWOOONNN.Its just unbelievable that India is in the finals!We scored only 260/7 but Pakistan could not get up to it.Oh, and I forgot to say who we were playing against:Pakistan.During the match a few of my friends an me were shouting JEETAYGA BHAI JEETAYGA,INDIA HI JEETAYGA.HAREGA BHAI HAREGA, PAKISTAN HI HAREGA.We also painted ourselves in the colour of our flag.We were not watching the match in the stadium, cause I would NOT want to go to Mohali.We watched it in our club house, where there was a big screen put up. The mascot was Stumpy as you can see below :-

Our run rate was incredible. In the 2nd over, run rate was 9.00!!! But Pakistan took wickets steadily too. But they took only 7 wickets.We all were so focused on the match that we stayed there all the 9 hours. But I did go back home for dinner.Now I shall give you the look of some peoples faces (friends idea) :-
Shahid Afridi-Cryingly Sad, M.s. Dhoni-Smiling, Sachin Tendulkar-Overjoyed.

Guess who the MOM was? It was the great, the fabulous,the one and only Sachin Tendulkar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! India's win surrounded India with joy and crackers.It was great and I hope India wins in the Finals Too!!!

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