Tuesday, July 16, 2013


School started pretty recently. Not really enthusiastic about it. Lets just end it by saying JUST KIDDING! Ha! My class teacher's name is Ms Ekta. Lets say that she is the best and the worst teacher in the world. She is practically the worst because, well, uh.. I'm naughty. She calls my parents, and tells them to kill me. End of story. Blah,Blah,Blah! And she should be the best cause, dude, like 40 days of school and we've completed like, 6 chapters. Six is a lot, like, uh-duh. By the way, she's an English teacher. Lets not go into studies too much. Speaking of which, I have a test tomorrow. My parents have gone out, so I'm blogging away! Boo-ya! Its Computers, don't worry. I'm a walking encyclopedia. People think I'm a nerd. Do you think I'm a nerd? Ah, I thought so.
Did I tell you that our whole class is the same except one new admission? And Ma'am allowed us to sit wherever we want! So practically we are indivisible. Boo-yah!
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