Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best Shoe Brands Ever!

Hey Guys! I'm pretty much not writing much so I decided to come up with a list. Of Shoe Brands! So I hopefully hope that this will help ya! So here we go -

7. Fila

Ok, guys, so Fila maybe Italian and all that but #7 is its place. It may not be as good a Puma and stuff but it is pretty awesome. They are epic for tennis, basketball, running and GOLF. Yeah, golf is for Fila. Fila is one of the leading brands in golf.

6. Converse

Yeah, so Converse being all American and all, why #6? They look real awesome, but they're not that sporty. Ok, you walk around with a Converse, everyone's all, "Ooh, look! Converse!". But you try out in a race and you move like an overgrown sloth. But still, being on my list is awesome, right?

5. Headley

Maybe you haven't heard of this brand, but they make wicked spikes. I had to go for a race, and my friend wearing these spikes accidentally stamped on another guy. And he goes down. Awesome for running. I would totally recommend buying these.

4. Puma

There it comes. Puma is totally awesome. Any sport, its Puma. It goes for racing as well. All around the world, Puma is one shoe that is always remembered. Not to brag, but I had totally amazing Puma shoes. They go with basketball, badminton and running really well.

3. Reebok

Reebok i for producing awesome athletic shoes, accessories and sportswear. Many famous celebs are attached with Reebok in ads. The company sells to professional athletics, runners and kids. The brand has different ranges of footwear to full fill the requirements of its customers. So that makes us pros, right?

2. Adidas

Adidas is a well-known sports shoe brand worldwide. The company mainly is for football kits. The mark of Adidas is called the "Three Lines of Triumph". They manufacture more than a few shoe varieties. Adidas also use kangaroo leather to make more comfy and exclusive shoes.

1. Nike

And we have our winner! Nike is totally awesome. That comes from me. My own Nikes are totally rad. The first product which Nike manufactured was track running shoes. Nike has a wide range of footwear and jerseys.

So that concludes my list. Hope it helps!

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