Friday, April 30, 2010

SAP bandhan in the heading we had gone to my father's, company's (SAP) `bandhan party' ... a ten year `bandhan', you know a ten year relationship (I am writing relationship instead of `bandhan').

At first it was boring (at first means that we were still not in the hall. We were still on the ground floor of the hotel )because everyone was .... like I cant tell you what it was like I can only tell you what they said. They said -
hello, what's up man, this is yours now, etc. We went to this whole party because my father completed ten years in SAP. When we entered the hall the party started as dances.

In the first dance those people who were dancing danced for........I forgot the dance. Sorry. Instead of dancing the most of it were gymnastics, the rest of it were the dance. The dancers and gymnasts were from a dance company called Nritarutya. Then when that was over the starters started com'in in. They were chicken 65, chicken kabab, some type of panneer......what i'm a non - vegetarian! I'm sorry to the person reading this post if he/she is a vegetarian. Really sorry. After that the person behind the company and some other people gifted the folk men and women of SAP a gold coin and a certificate. Then came along the rocking part. It was the wonderful, amazing, fantastic, magnificent, fabulous, astonishing, splendid, impressive Raghu Dixit. He along with his band sang

. Then we went to eat dinner which was biriyani, rice, fish curry, (I'm sorry if your a veg.) ice cream, etc. Just before dinner I got Raghu Dixit's autograph. And after eating I went into my dad's car and went home again which was another long journey you would have guessed that I slept by the time I reached my house but no, I didn't. And when I reached my house was when I slept happily ever after. And its not a fairy tale, its real.
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