Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Trip to Chennai

On the day before yesterday, I went to Chennai at 11:30pm. We started from CG at 11:30pm and reached the Railway Station at 11:35pm. I was not alone you know, I was with my mother, Pranav (he is also mentioned in the last post) and Pranav' mother. We reached the station early all right, but the train took 15 minutes to arrive. That told us to wait at the station till 11:50pm.

After we got into the train, the big fuss started. I claimed that I could sleep in the Middle-Berth but my mom said no because I could fall down and break my head on that hard floor. So I slept on the Lower-Berth. But Pranav could sleep on the Middle-Berth because he was used to sleeping on it.

It took us 6 hours to reach Chennai. As a matter of fact me and my mother hardly even slept in the train. We were going to Chennai not only for an adventure like toor but also to meet one of our kind of old friends. Her name is Namrita and short form what we call her is Nammu. Actually we had another friend from C.G. who had come to Chennai before us and her name is Avantika. We went to Nammu's house by her dad's car. On the way to Nammu's house we saw many places such as Beaches, The White House, etc.

After we reached Nammu's house, me and Pranav had an argument about who will brush first since we did not know that there were 2 bathrooms. But when we knew that there were 2 bathrooms we both rushed to occupy them. After we finished brushing all 4 of us went to Nammu's room and played Word - Building. After we finished playing we went to the beach. Man that was cool. But in the water we never sat, slept or went deep. But I have to say it was awesome. When we were back to Nammu's house we took a nice, warm bath. But the bad part was......I HAD TO BATHE WITH PRANAV :-(. Sheesh, that was grose! Then we ate breakfast which was idli,vada,and sambar. Then we played school-school and OM NAMA SHIVAYA!

Then we went to a place called DakshinaChitra which was 10 times better than the beach. 99% of it was awesome but 1% idiotic. First we went to do some activities such as Peepal Leaf Painting, Shell Art and Paper Mache. Then we saw Kerala's houses, Tamil Nadu's houses, etc. Then we went to the potter's house and made some pots. The weavers house was only a meter away so we made baskets too. Then we had our lunch which was minimeals and then we saw Glass Blower and puppet show and then immediately we went out of DakshinaChitra and back to the beach. But this time we sat,slept, we did go deep and plus there were much more people than the morning. Just before leaving I collected some sea shells.

When we reached home and again I BATHED WITH PRANAV :-(. Just before eating we played a little dark room and ate dinner which was pacoda,chapati and potato curry. And then the sad part we had to go back to C.G. Ok now lets go a little fast. Then we went back to the railway station, on to the train and finally reached CG. I went back home and slept happily ever after. And its not a fairy tale, its real as mentioned in the above post.
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