Saturday, March 27, 2010

Summer Holidays

My summer holidays have begun on 24.3.2010, Wednesday at 11 o’ clock. Mmmmmm.. yep there were 8 of us and the very second the van stopped, I unlocked the door, we jumped out of the van and rushed to the pool at 100kph and we decided it. I don’t need to tell you the meaning of ‘it’. I thought everyone would come but only 3 of us came and in the swimming pool our names are Shikhar the Deepswimmer, Pranav the Backswimmer and finally the last but not the least Aditya the Summersalter. Nice names huh?

I swam for 1 and half hours but my mother told me to swim for half an hour. Sheesh you should have seen the way she scolded me. The next day, I did the same, instead of swimming in the morning I did it in the evening at 6 o’ clock.

I have planned to swim everyday except April 1st and 2nd and some other days when I go to Chennai and Kerala but my mother says no.

I wish all who reads this post a very, very happy Holidays!
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