Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kitten Mania!

First of all I want to tell you that this is a real life story.

A few days ago, I had had some guests. They were my mom's college friend and her son. They had come because my mom and her friend had some baking lesson. Since everyone was busy me and my mom's college friend's son decided to have some fun. So we played video games, ate the tasty things that the baker dudes made and much more. And after that we even went to Mc'donalds! It had been a great day but now it was time for them to leave. Before they left, my mom's college friend told me that a kitten had been dashed on the road. And then they left.

The next day was Christmas Eve and we were having a party. We had great fun and even a minature Santa Claus came! After the party my friend, Pranav told me a secret. It was the kitten! It had survived but its leg was sprained. When everyone left, me, Pranav and another dude went to check it out the poor kitten. There it sat, lonely looking at me.

The next day we went to the kitten. It was still there, but hurt. I saw a bottle of milk and cup. I filled the cup with milk and held it near the kitten to my surprise it drank it!After it finished I made a bed of leaves for it and put it on it. And after a few minutes, it was sleeping peacefully.

From that day on it never left my eye. Everytime I went there it would look only at me.

About the kitten's name, we were fighting about it for quite some time. Pranav wanted it to be Mitoo but I said Ripper was a better name. But now we've confessed it. Its Kerf.

The next day I made a blanket for it out of my old school shirts. I painted it and it looked and felt wonderful. I showed it to Pranav and he was surprised at my love to Kerf. He asked me the reason for the same and I answered " After all, it is hurt ".

The next day I went to Kerf and I was amazed to see that it was climbing up the steps! I saw Pranav with him. Kerf was actually training! I put the blanket on Kerf and it fitted perfectly! Pranav had a ball and when we had put it near Kerf, it pushed it away onto the road! I found a stick and when I put it near it, it started biting and scratching it. And thats how we trained it.

On the next day Pranav got a huge card board box. I thought I'd use of it and I cut it into the shape of a house. We took it to Kerf and put it inside and it slept peacefully. Near the entrance I put a bowl of milk so that Kerf could drink it after its nap.

In the evening, when I went down, my friends told me that Pranav had already gone and fed Kerf with its daily supply of milk. Then even I went there and played a little with Kerf. I saw a small bowl near Kerf's house. It was much cleaner and it was easier for the kitten to drink milk in a flat bowl. I guessed that Pranav had fed the little guy milk with that bowl.

On the same evening, when I was playing with Kerf, I noticed the house's entrance. It was too high for Kerf to come out of it on its own. I wanted to cut it but no one had scissors. I tried to use a leaf, a stone, a blade of grass etc but nothing worked. The cardboard was just too hard. Then I got an idea. I tilted the cardboard box a little vertically so that Kerf could easily jump out. And thats how Kerf entered and exited its house. A few days later I went to my grandmom's house for a few days. When I came back, Pranav told me that the kitten had wandered of onto the street. I felt really bad about. Here are some pictures -
I really miss the kitten. It was really nice.
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